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Bon's CGI Freebies - Directory of free CGI applications ranging from ad rotation software, counters, form-to-email handlers, to message boards, guestbooks, and feedback programs. [Directory]

Free Perl CGI Scripts - Free Perl CGI Scripts available like Site Manager, Search Engine, Web Calender, Guestbook, Album viewer etc. [Collection]

LockedArea.com - We offer a range of password protection and member's area management systems all written in Perl. All are extremely easy to install and use and are very customisable.

BuildACommunity.com - Online shop that sells CGI scripts to help build online communities. [Collection]

The CGI Directory - Links to CGI scripts, tutorials, code, books, and other resources. By DevStart.com. [Directory]

CGI Extremes - A largish directory of CGI scripts with descriptions and rankings [Directory]

Cgi For Me - free CGI scripts. [Collection]

CGI Resource Index - An extensive directory of CGI related resources. [Directory]

CGI Scripts directory and forums - A comprehensive resource allowing you the download a wide range of scripts in Perl, Visual Basic, MySQL and other languages. Also has handy documentation and discussion forums. [Directory]

CGI Scripts for Educators - Free CGI programs for educators and others. Scripts include online quizzes, calculators, mailing list, voting, and guestbook. Since 1996. [Collection]

CGI-Java.com - A very wide range of resources available in ASP, CGI,Perl, Java and JavaScript, plus tutorials [Directory]

CGIFiles.com - A download directory with tons of shareware & freeware CGI/Perl program scripts and guides for Unix, Win9x/NT, and Mac. [Directory]

CgiScripts.Net - collection of free Perl scripts for Webmasters and sites of all types. [Collection]

CGIsearch.nu - A collection of scripts for various CGI languages, complete with tips and documentaton. [Directory]

CosmicPerl.com cgi scripts - Creators of high quality software solutions. Ranging from affiliate program software to search engine software. [Collection]

David M. Durose - CGI Scripts - Free Perl CGI scripts to help make your web site more interactive! [Collection]

David Spelts Software - Perl CGI Scripts and windows shareware, including Traffic Log - web statistics without server logs or SSI, and Arielis Search Technology - internet search engine scripts. [Directory]

devhead Perl Script Library - ZDNet's Perl Script Library contains hundreds of free code for tested and 'freely distributable' Perl scripts. [Directory]

FTLS.org: CGI Scripts Archives - A decent selection of cgi scripts, tutorials and tools. Mainly Perl orientated. [Collection]

HarlandScripts - HarlandBanner Exchange Script features. Unlimited Banner Sizes, Editable Tag Lines. The ability to use codes from click exchanges to make you money. Default banner for each size. Unlimted categories

HotScripts.com - A directory of Perl, Asp, Javascript and much more. [Directory]

The Interactive Web - They offer high-end commercial scripts doing such tasks as Forums, Search Engine, Classified Ads, Shopping Cart, Guestbook, and more. [Collection]

MegaCGI Script Archive - collection of perl cgi scripts including search engine, tell a friend, picpost, stats, classifieds, personals and many more. [Collection]

Midmart Developers Group - Midmart Developers Group offers high quality, customized Web and Graphic Design, CGI Scripts, Promotional Softwares and Custom Programing services to the Internet community. [Collection]

My CGI Scripts - offer free and commercial perl cgi scripts for webmasters. Also we provide cgi installation, customization and custom work services. [Directory]

Perl Crawler Search Engine - A searchable index of all sites devoted to Perl and CGI programming, backed up with a web indexing spider. [Directory]

PerlCoders.com - Membership with a very wide range of written scripts that focus on making money. [Directory]

Ranson's CGI Scripts - free scripts for web page enhancement and business. [Collection]

ScriptSearch.com - CGI scripts organized by programming language and type of utility. Links to remotely hosted service, books, source code and other resources. [Directory]

Smart CGIs - including search engine and URL redirection scripts. [Collection]

Surfzilla - A reasonable sized directory listings of a variety of CGI scripts. Most seem to be free. [Directory]

TheCgiSite.com - Directory that compiles programming-related resources for webmasters and developers who are looking for development tools

VerySimple - FrameIt, SimpleSubmit, SimpleSecure, SimpleShop, Today and a few more scripts by VerySimple [Directory]

WebScripts - Perl CGI scripts and log analysis tools: WebLog, WebMapper, WebBBS, WebSearch and more. [Collection]

Whole Internet CGI Scripts Guide - A catalog of CGI scripts available online. counters, web stats, guestbooks, forms processors, banner rotation, search engines, shopping carts and e-commerce. By Best-Of-Web.com. [Directory]

1-Script.com - 1-Script.com offers free and affordable Perl CGI scripts. Currently available scripts include web promotion, web search, site search, link indexing, redirection, and more. [Collection]

Anthony Awtry Custom Scripts - A small selection of Perl and Javascript scripts. [Collection]

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