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A Note On Spamming
We offer free email services to thousands of individuals throughout the world. Unfortunately there are individuals who choose to spam using the HowAmazing.com name. Many of these individuals are not HowAmazing.com email subscribers, they just format the emails they send to look like they came from HowAmazing.com. Most email providers, such as Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. face the same exact problem. Those who use a HowAmazing.com account to spam are often removed quickly, because our software provider integrates with popular spam registries to automatically remove violaters. If you have received a spam, please forward it to us at the email below. We have a no questions asked 0 tolerance policy towards spam.

You can email us at the following address (presented the way it is to prevent spam to our email addresses):

Scott A-T HowAmazing  D.O.T   com

We will review your submission and contact you shortly if necessary.

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