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  • GuestBookGiants- There is no better place to get a Free Guestbook for your site! is a brand new service that allows you to add a top quality guest book to your site, without any programming knowledge or web design skill. Just follow the short, easy steps!

  • is the ultimate destination for FREE rewards on the Internet.   Earn Silverclicks(tm) that you can redeem for valuable merchandise, vacations and much more. We're adding new earning and spending opportunities all the time. Visit us often. If you love FREE, you're going to love Join now for Free and receive 200 Silverclicks(tm) as a joining bonus. Just click here!

  • Increase Traffic (Big Time)- Get the traffic you deserve now! will guarantee 1500 Unique Click Thrus to your web site in approximately 24-72 hours for only $129.00 Just follow the link below and begin receiving traffic!!!

  • FreeSticky Content- Free, auto updating, embeddable content to keep your visitors on site and coming back.

  • The 7 AM News-This Java applet is a favorite among many webmasters. You can choose from nine different news categories, each with several feeds. Your visitors get up-to-the-minute news right on your Web site! You can also have up to four "local" channels to use as you want -- and each can be linked to whatever URL you specify. The ticker below has five news channels active, plus four local channels, three of them linked to other sites in Wallo's World.

  • ComicExchange is a great tool for Webmasters to keep their sites fresh and new. CE has more than 30 cartoonists from all over the globe that are linked via the NET into a global Intranet of comic strips.

  • World Wide Information Outlet- This site provides a large number of articles on a wide variety of topics. You're welcome to copy them to your Web site for free as long as you include the proper copyright and credit information. Check the site out to see what it has that would interest your visitors.


  • Dogpile- It's often a nice convenience for your visitors to have a search engine available on your site. We recommend Dogpile -- despite its off-the-wall name! Dogpile is a meta-search engine, which means it will query several search engines at once. In Dogpile's case, it taps 13 Web search engines, and will also do FTP, Usenet, and newswire searches. What makes Dogpile special is the skill with which it tweaks a person's search syntax to match the various engines' requirements. An excellent gadget for your site. Visit their page to get one free.

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  • The Brunching Shuttlecocks Page Toys. This oddly named humor site offers free "page toys" to lighten up your site and give your visitors a chuckle or two. When we visited, they had four available: "Tina the Troubled Teen," "Certify," "Hell Weather," and "Hey to the Chief." Slick little gadgets. We like 'em!


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