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Advanced Web Site Traffic and Statistics analyzer. - Free Web site traffic and statistics analyzer. Search engine search phrases, Unique Visitors, Page Views, Top Referrering sites, Pages, Countries, Languages, etc. Far more than just a hit counter !

Counted! - Offers statistical analysis of the most important aspects of sites. Allows easy installation and maintenance.

CQ Counter - free web counter and site tracker - Free web counter and site tracker that offers many detailed statistics and reports.

Direct Hit Website Tracker - Tracks entire website invisibly for free with detailed stats for every page.

DownloadCounter.Com - Allows the counting of downloads from sites for free. Results are presented graphically which may be showed on the web site.

EasyCounter - You don't even have to register, just link the counter to your site with an IMG-tag and you've got a counter. Counts only unique hits, and generates detailed statistics for your site too.

EasyStat - Web counter and web traffic analysis software that generates customized statistics reports in multiple languages.

Escati - Free counter with stats reporting. Can be customised with Burmese, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Khmer or Thai digits.

eXTReMe Tracker - Every advanced feature required to picture the visitors of your website. Conveniently arranged, numbers, percentages, stats, totals and averages. All the way up from simple counting your visitors until tracking the keywords they use to find you.

FastCounter - A free hit counter allowing webmasters to see the traffic in their sites. Help build the largest human-edited directory on the web.

Fish Clix Tracker - free website tracking and statistics for fishing and outdoors sites.

FishTracker - Free web-site stats service. Find out which search engines and keywords visitors use to find your site. Detailed reports and graphs.

Freecounts - Provides a free site counter, webmaster tools, guest statistics, and free e-mail.

Goldstats Free Web Stats - Free web site statistics reports reported in real-time on-line graphs and reports.

Gostats free web counters - Free web site hit counters & visitor stat trackers, keep track of who comes to your site how much traffic you get in an easy to analyse counter report. Many stats are counted.

HitBox - A web site traffic counter and analysis tool.

Hitmatic - Free statistical tracker with multiple page indexing, and real-time visitor display. Hitmatic offers one of the most detailed reports available.

HitsLink - Free hit counter with e-mail alerts, historical charts, and Excel (tm) spreadsheets on demand. Graphically analyze your site traffic and view statistics.

Honesty Communications - Specializing in webpage hit counters for online auctions, such as eBay, Auction Universe, and Amazon Auctions, as well as for personal home pages.

ICLinx 3001 Link Popularity Checker - New in its class of software, ICLinx delivers accurate automated link popularity counts backed with quick graphing capabilities for trend analysis on major search engines.

iDiary - Provides comprehensive user and tracking statistics for a client's site.

Invisible Page Counter - enables you and only you to see how busy your site is.

NedStat - NedStat provides intelligent web site tracking solutions. Online, real-time analyses available instantly. NedStat basic is free for non-commercial home page. Business sites get free two week trial of NedStat Pro.

NetStats - A web hit counter, bringing you net stats with referrer information through weekly emailed reports that include excel spreadsheets. Pay small fees instead of allowing ads with counter.

Quarp.COM - Free password protectable statistics in many languages. The statistics are highly detailed.

Site Meter - Fast, small graphic counter with lots of info.

Site Stats - Provides reliable real-time reporting of web traffic.

Stats4You - Free web site statistics - Real time web site stats, multiple pages supported, keyword stats, referr URL's, Get to know your visitors.

SuperStats - Free statistical counter. SuperStats' counter allows you to track visitors, hits and traffic patterns of your webpages.

SurferStats.com - A free counter and visitor tracking service with detailed statistic reports about your visitors.

TheCounter.com - Get your own free web counter. Easy to install but with a lot of neat features.

WatchWise - WatchWise is a real-time monitoring and statistical reporting system. WatchWise is fast, reliable, uses a transparent graphic, gives you multiple-page monitoring, and has excellent tactical and strategic/forecasting reports. Offers a free 10-day trial.

Web-Stat - Web counter and tracker with in-depth traffic analysis including repeat visitors and search engine tracking. Install a free trial in minutes on your web site. 175 digit styles available, including an invisible hit counter.

WebHits - Web counter, statistics and tracking service. Free trial.

Website Traffic Report - Finds unique visitors, countries, referring site, urls accessed, and search engines.

WebTrends Live - Real-time web site traffic analysis and eBusiness Intelligence eService that does not require software, hardware or log Files and reports on performance, page views, visitor and eCommerce activity

XOOMCounter - Free, graphical page counter that offers enhanced Powerstats, an easy, but powerful site management tool that gives web masters access to stats about their visitors.

123Count - Free counter with 175 digit styles and optional web tracker with powerful traffic analysis, including search engine tracking requiring no programming and installs in minutes.

Ace Free Counter - Free web counter service offering various types of counter.

All Free Stats - Browser-based free website stat tracker that tracks visitors to your web site in detail.

AWStats - Make logfile analyses and get advanced graphical web statistics (For IIS or Apache, distributed under GNU GPL).

Big Blue Host - BigBlueHost.com provides a free visitor hit counter service that will supply you with an accurate way to keep track of your website visitors.

Bloke's Counter - A free dynamic counter easy to install on web pages allowing cut and paste.

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