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#1 Free Daily Quotation- ThinkExist.com - Add a Daily Quote to your HomePage. With our Dynamic Daily Quotation Tool you can get more loyal an valuable visitors and a better Dynamic Website. Quotations and Sayings ThinkExist.com

Clinton Goveas :: XML / RSS / RDF Wire Services - Add FREE content & news to your web site. Feed your site with content from any RSS / XML / RDF feed! Use JavaScript code to get content from news sites, web sites, blogs, etc...

EasyHoroscope - Put a FLASH DAILY HOROSCOPE on your web page and customize the horoscope's colors to fit your webpage style. Just copy and paste our html code.

GuestBookGiants - There is no better place to get a Free Guestbook for your site! GuestBooksGiants.com is a brand new service that allows you to add a top quality guest book to your site, without any programming knowledge or web design skill. Just follow the short, easy steps!

Internet Technology - Web hosting reviews, growing Dot-Com stories, news, promotional tips, world's best webmaster tools, best of the web links, consumer electronics showcase, Internet-Service Alert and more.

The Printed Owl - The Daily Computer History. Your website visitors will enjoy a daily historical fact about the people, inventions, and events that define the remarkable evolution of computers in our society.

FreeSticky Content - Free, auto updating, embeddable content to keep your visitors on site and coming back.

iSyndicate Express - This one's a knockout, folks. You can build your own news page for your visitors, customizing it to match the "look and feel" of your site. Choose from dozens of news feeds in a variety of categories.

Parambay.com - Give your readers this well-written weekly DVD review. Just include a few lines of code in a html page. The DVD review updates automatically every Friday morning, week after week.

Twisted History Free Daily Dynamic Content - With one line of code, give your visitors Today-In-History events from the annals of weirdness -- UFO sightings, frogs raining from the sky, great moments in psychic phenomena, and much more!

World Wide Information Outlet - This site provides a large number of articles on a wide variety of topics. You're welcome to copy them to your Web site for free as long as you include the proper copyright and credit information. Check the site out to see what it has that would interest your visitors.

YourWebBuddy Boxes - We have several different free resources in the form of small boxes available for your Web site. Just copy & paste the code. Quotes Kids Stuff and Trivia. The HTML is customizable to match your site.

The 7 AM News - This Java applet is a favorite among many webmasters. You can choose from nine different news categories, each with several feeds. Your visitors get up-to-the-minute news right on your Web site! You can also have up to four "local" channels to use as you want -- and each can be linked to whatever URL you specify. The ticker below has five news channels active, plus four local channels, three of them linked to other sites in Wallo's World.

BizWeb 2000 - . This site offers articles by Jim Daniels on Web promotion and marketing. They're free for use on your site as long as the required credit is displayed. There were 22 articles available when we checked, some of them pretty good ones.

ComicExchange.com - ComicExchange is a great tool for Webmasters to keep their sites fresh and new. CE has more than 30 cartoonists from all over the globe that are linked via the NET into a global Intranet of comic strips.

Dogpile - It's often a nice convenience for your visitors to have a search engine available on your site. We recommend Dogpile -- despite its off-the-wall name! Dogpile is a meta-search engine, which means it will query several search engines at once. In Dogpile's case, it taps 13 Web search engines, and will also do FTP, Usenet, and newswire searches. What makes Dogpile special is the skill with which it tweaks a person's search syntax to match the various engines' requirements. An excellent gadget for your site. Visit their page to get one free. Search The Web Usenet FTP Newswires and then The Web Usenet FTP Newswires STOP Wait a maximum of Ten Twenty Thirty Forty Fifty Sixty Seconds.


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