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HowAmazing.com - Fitness

Bodies of Stone - Comprehensive information on exercise and nutrition for body shaping, body building, dieting, natural health. Multimedia instruction and tips.

Fat loss, weight loss, diet and exercise website - Reviews on diets, exercises and weight loss supplements

NetWimp.com - Guide to physical and mental well-being.

Reflecting Pool's Body Beautiful - Exercise and fitness tips with the mature woman in mind.

Scottsdale Personal Trainer, Scott White - Scottsdale personal trainer, Scott White, will get you in great shape fast in his private personal training studio. Get great abs and a nice firm body.

Weight Loss Programs - You may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts without realizing it.Get your Free report, “Five Hidden Causes of Weight Gain in America”

Time For Fitness - Helpful tips and articles for getting started and having fun. Covers many areas of fitness and exercise.

Victoria's Body Shoppe - Free health and fitness information from the star of television's Victoria's Body Shoppe.

WeLookGood - Fitness - Information and advice on fitness.

1st Spot Fitness - Resources on fitness, aerobics, stretching, fitness equipment and nutrition.

Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercises and Your Diet - An article about exercising and maintaining a healthy diet necessary for rehabilitation of burn survivors.

AWorkout - Offers advice and guides on fitness training for all ages and all levels of experience, along with nutritional supplements and equipment products.

Best of Weight Loss - List of articles addressing fitness for weight loss.

Betterbodz.com - Free information on weight loss, fitness and exercise, sports supplements.

Body For Life Support Group - A place to meet others that are interested in learning more of the Body For Life-style.

Body Positive - Body image self-help site by psychologist Deborah Burgard. Articles, forums, body image exercises, newsletter, resources for healthcare professionals.

eFit - Combines comprehensive health and fitness content and technology to provide each visitor with an online experience tailored to their individual needs, interests and goals.

ExRx Online - Offers fitness and exercise information including diet, nutrition, exercise, sports psychology, and weight training.

Fat Loss Tips - Free tips/articles: lose bodyfat, gain muscle, and develop your abdominals. Weight training exercises, fat loss diets and supplements.

Feel-better-with-Exercise.com - Learn why exercise is good for you, how to start exercising, and how to design a program for your needs. Link to informative health sites.

Firmbottoms - General advice and articles about fitness and healthy living.

FirstPath.com - Online resource for fitness advice, information and instructions, articles, diet advice, health forums, exercise charts, diet programs.

Fit Launch - Free newsletters, articles, and discussion boards. Information for professionals and enthusiasts.

Fitness - Sexbuzz.com - Exercise, diet, and fitness information.

Fitness Find - Offering free fitness information, tips and news.

Fitness for Health - A fitness advice site which primarily aims to help the new mother with exercise strategies.

Fitness Headlines - Articles and advice on everyday health and fitness issues.

Fitness Information.com - Information, articles, tips, news headlines, fitness programs and related topics.

Fitness.com - Chat, discussion board, links, shopping resources related to fitness.

FitnessOnline - Online health club, workouts, lowfat recipes, the latest in health, weight loss and exercise news.

FitnessZone International - Online fitness resource featuring a selection of fitness articles on various topics, as well as free advice from fitness experts. Includes links, message boards, tools, products and services.

Fitscape - Information and services related to health and fitness, diet, exercise and nutrition.

Going Beyond An Apple a Day - How to Remain Healthy - Chapters from the free online book, How to Get the Best Medical Care - A Guide for the Intelligent Patient.

GotMyHealth.com - Offers exercise and nutrition information for all people, regardless of age or fitness level.

Health and Fitness Tips - Offering information and a free e-bulletin on topics including fitness, weight loss, diet and nutrition.

Health Calculators - Calculate how many calories you burn when doing an activity. Choose from over 80 activities.

High Energy Fitness - Women's fitness information on training, nutrition and sports supplementation.

Insite Fitness - Information for professionals, teachers, enthusiasts and students. Including a fitness centre and gym search. Lessons, fitness testing, articles and links.

Interfit Prevention - Information and links for healthy living. Site also offered in german.

InternetFitness.com - Learn the latest about fitness, exercise and equipment from leading experts.

Just Move - Physical activity resources for women and men, including health facts, practical tips, fitness news, a personal trainer, user forums and event calendar, from the American Heart Association.

Lean Team Runner - Training plans and information for fitness and weight loss.

Leonard Fitness - Information and advice on abdominal fitness, weight loss, bodybuilding, fat loss, supplements, nutrition.

Lifelines At Work - Features a monthly health newsletter, a daily motivator, a "Heathy Eating Cookbook", and advice and tips from worldwide experts on many different health and fitness related subject.

MCW HealthLink - A simple form to calculate your own Body Mass Index to determine your lean body weight and ideal weight.

Medbroadcast.com - Fitness - Information and articles as well as online videos.

myFitnessPage.com - Better fitness through exercise tracking, this free site provides graphs, progress reports, and multi-user clubs.

Optimal Health with Nutritional Supplements - Information on nutritional supplements for optimal health

PACE Canada - A guide to healthy active living, provides tools to assist physicians and healthcare providers in counseling their patients on physical activity and nutrition. In English and French.

Page Wise Inc - A list of the benefit of exercise.

Parrillo Performance - Scientific information on training, nutrition and supplementation. Over 1,000 pages of useful health and fitness information.

Personal Health Zone - Short articles and links on fitness and weight loss.

Phit Happens - All you need to know about fitness instruction, exercise routines, personal training, physical health, weight loss, and diet programs.

Protein Health - Information about protein for beginners or professional athletes.

Red River Valley Fitness - Advice on training and nutrition.

ShapeThatBody - Use web technology to create your personal diet, fitness, and lifestyle plans. Features the family food zone with the 'Welcome to the Fridge'.

Sportfit.com - Advice on sport specific fitness by Christopher Drozd, C.S.C.S.

Sports Fitness Advisor - Athletic training and sports fitness articles to improve sporting performance.

T-Tapp Mommies - Exercise, weight loss, fitness during pregnancy and postpartum.


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