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HowAmazing.com - Software

Audio-Burner.com - Authorized Acoustica reseller of MP3 CD Burner, MP3 to Wave Converter PLUS, MP3 Audio Mixer and CD Label Maker software.

Automotive and Accounting Software - Check Writer, mailing list, note writer, federal payroll tax calculator and payment calculator. Plus links to other software vendors.

B.T. Square Peg - Free software and services reviewed by category. Including freeware graphics editors, text utilities, anti-virus, system utilities and tutorials.

CDBURNER.CA - Includes MP3 software such as: CD ripper, MP3 converter, MP3 CD burner to MP3 mixer, to MP3 CD maker & sound editor software! Learn how to convert and burn MP3 to CD easily!

Chungsoft - Javascript and Windows freeware, including JavaScript Guestbook, Chungsoft Windows and CallMaker.

DVD Ripper Pro - The latest software for DVD, VHS and Game copying. DVD Ripper.

Free Dezign - Desktop and internet utilities, games, and screen savers for MS Windows 95/98 and MS DOS.

Free Software Script for Astrology Numerology number and characteristics - Calculate and display characteristics of the person. This script generates Psychic number, Destiny number and name number based on Vedic astrology and numerology system. Download free

Freeware Arena - The best and latest freeware. Constantly updated.

Gav's Freeware Productions - Useful stuff for your computer here, personally created by Gav.

Grey Olltwit - Developer's site - Offers freeware games and educational programs.

KK5BL's Free Software - Java and Javascript graphics editors and converters, amateur radio software, animation editors, pc diagnostics, and troubleshooting utilities.

Klaatu Software - Developer's site. Offers stock market, logic, and desktop utilities.

MickSmith's Mix - Newsletter with brief reviews of a variety of utilities.

S-Calculator - A scientific engineering calculator for Windows 95/98/NT.

Shadowcraft homepage - Home to iNFERNO and other freeware software.

TrakSoft PDM - TrakSoft PDM is the "Swiss Army knife" of Personal Data Management. Includes Personal, Family, Career, Health, Medical, Budgeting, Fincances, Household, Sports, and Much, Much More!

TriDComm - 3D file manager for all Windows platforms. It requires OpenGL and a 3D accelerator card.

Wiretap Professional - Stealth Spy Software for PC monitoring & surveillance with parental control tools

GizmoZone.com - Screen savers, desktop themes, music files, and music players.

Grant Tracker - Software to manage the budgets of grants so that you do not overspend a grant, runs under Quicken. [Win/NT/Mac]

GS IT Solutions - Your key to the future, success, technological advancement and top class business solutions of all kinds

http://www.touchpuf.com - A unique color blocks puzzle game with 150 levels.

Jet Cam - Providers of software for the sheet metal industry; they have released their generic DXF viewer as freeware.

Lythos - Simple utilities for Windows 9x, NT 4, and 2000.

MacExplorer - Windows program allowing to analyze Macintosh files stored on a Windows NT Server. Site includes download and a general information page on the software. [Windows 95/98/NT/2000]

Mach's Place - Useful freeware utilities offered by the author.

Mega 16-bit Freeware List - Windows 3.1 and DOS Freeware List with over 200 programs.

Moochers Freeware - An extensive archive of Windows 95/98/NT freeware available for direct download, plus reviews and daily updates.

Moon Software - Developer's site. 'Bookmark Wizard', 'Copy URL', 'Font Xplorer Lite', 'FileTargets', 'FontLoader', and other desktop utilities for MS Windows 95/98/NT/2000. Includes information on shareware, a newsletter, and links to related resources.

Music-Burner.com - Download CD ripper software, CD burner software, MP3 converter and DVD burner software!

OpenCrypt - File encryption application for Windows 95+; source code is available.

OpenUniverse - Free 3D solar system simulator. Uses NASA data. Shows all planets and moons in our solar system, lots of asteroids, controllable spaceships, and 25,000 stars. Runs on Linux, OpenGL, or Windows (95, 98, NT, or 2000).

OVSoft - Developer's site. Offers PowerCrypt 2000 encryption software and other utilities.

PC Tools and Utilities by Jem Berkes - Developer of freeware and trialware software that include file, disk and system utilities, security tools, and Internet tools. Software is available for DOS, Linux/UNIX/Windows 95/98/NT.

Philex Atomic Clock - Matches a computer's clock to the US Government's atomic clock.

RaptureSoft Computing - Freeware programs.

Resume Detective - Free software for finding resumes on the web. Probe over 40 sources of resumes using your own search criteria.

RJL Software - Free programs for Windows covering entertainment, utilities, Internet, desktop, and security software. Custom programs available too.

Roger Smith Software - Free software.

Siruis Freeware - A collection of free software and links to free software.

SmartQuote - A free quotes program for Windows 95/NT.

Softnik Technologies - Developers of free Windows software tools and utilities. All software is free for commercial and personal use and do not include any advertisements or nag screens.

Son OF Spy Freeware - Macintosh and Windows freeware listed in categories with a short description. Links to other freeware sites.

Spell Checker for Edit Boxes - A near-universal spell checker for Windows edit boxes; free for private use.

Spell Checker for Web Sites - Add a spell checker to your Internet Explorer toolbar. Add a spell checker to your web site. Solutions for surfers and for web site developers.

Sports Software by Sydex - Free software for youth soccer coaches and track high school and college coaches.

UCmore - A free Internet navigational tool that simplifies and organizes your web browsing by showing you relevant links without having to use search engines.

UE File Manager - Powerful windows explorer file manager and viewer.

Unsatisfactory Software - Tips, warnings, freeware.

Whizlabs Resources - Get a pool of highly useful technology related resources here.

WinMac - Macintosh style menubar that can be used in Windows 95/98/NT4/2000.

Wyrm Software - Author's Site (Laurence Mee). Offers communications and games utilities for Windows 95/98/NT/2000.

XaltraNet - Author's site. Offers Diary Defender (to help write and store a secure diary) and The Cheater's World (to help 'cheat' in your favorite games).

Xperts Inc. - Developer of Freepak, a compression and self-extracting file creating utility. MS Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000.

Aadsoft.com - Programs for webmasters, investors, and news-group users.

Absolute Freebies - Offering free stuff, freebies and Windows freeware.

AnalogX - Variety of free software ranging from audio to network.

ArjFolder - Windows-based compression utility using the ARJ format. Can extract, test, and view files stored in ZIP, GZIP, TAR, CAB, RAR, ACE, PK3, and other formats. Developer's site.

ArmadilloMP3 - Windows 95/98/NT/2000 database builder to locate and classify MP3 files.

Big Fat Panda - A collection of free programming resources, retro computing stuff (Sinclair Spectrum) and some self-described "cheesy bits of artwork".

BiTMiNDS CiC - Program for converting CD-ROM track images from one format to another. Note: May not support some browsers.

Bret Johnson - DOS TSR (Terminate/Stay Resident) keyboard and screen utilities . Some can also be used in Windows. Source Code is available for most.

BrowseX - Developer site. Offers a cross-platform Open Source web browser and other utilities.

ChipCom.net Freeware - Extensive listing of useful freeware picks.

Click2web toolbar - Stop all pop-up windows for free. Instant clearing of history and cache and cookie deletion. Search the Internet direct from your browser toolbar, safely. Guaranteed no spyware or browser tracking.

CoMa's Freeware List - A collection of good freeware programs for Windows 9x/NT

Cool Freeware - A Windows freeware utility is showcased each week. In-depth reviews and instructions make even new users, power users.

DSC Predictive Dialing and Customer Relationship Management CRM Software - Database Systems Corp. provides call center software products including predictive dialer, IVR services, ACD systems, CRM software, CTI software, and voice broadcasting systems and service.

EnZip - Compression utility manages Zip archives directly from Windows Explorer. Developer's site.

Free Popup Blocking Software - Free Popup Blocking software. Block annoying pop up ads. Includes a search engine tool, history and cookie deleter. 100% free!

Free Software (Open Source®) - general information about Free Software (Open Source).

FREEPrograms.com - A directory of hundreds of free programs and Windows software. The programs are rated by the editors and the users.

FreeTime - Countdown timer software for Windows.

Freeware and Stuff - An extensive range of productivity applications, games, and utilities, as well as links to other free services and webmaster resources.

Freeware by KanastaCorp - Useful DOS and Windows utilities.

Freeware Net.Com - Freeware downloads listed by category. Also includes a freeware site directory and archive.

Freeware Network - Extensive database of Internet utilities, business tools, video and audio players, and desktop graphics.

Freeware Software - A directory of freeware software. Includes HTML editors, offline browsers and useful utilities.

Freeware4all.com - Directory with many categories of business, desktop utility, and game freeware for Windows and Linux.

FreewareFind - A free bi-weekly newsletter and resource site for freeware addicts. Our mission is to make a one-stop repository of the best freeware applications on the Web.

Freewarestop.com - Internet, FTP, graphics, MP3 players, zip extractors, encryption, system utilities, free fonts and screensavers. All freeware on this site are individually tested and evaluated.


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