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HowAmazing.com - Java Scripts

A1JavaScripts.com - A1JavaScripts is a dynamic resource in every sense of the word! They offer over 150 free working Java and Dhtml scripts, in an extremely well organized manner.

The Html Help Guide - Html and web site help. Free java applets, dhtml, and javascript with easy step by step instructions. Create feedback forms, frames sites, and html tables.

Java Calculator by Entity - A page for my java calculator applet.

The Java Script Source - Tons of free java scripts that you can cut and paste, or have e-mailed to you.

The JavaScript Planet - An enormous directory of Free Java Scripts that you can add to your site. Very well done.

Thompson, Nathanael - Mandelbrot viewer and chemical engineering Java applets (with source), a forum and chatroom, resume.

JavaClockMaker - Add a customized clock to your website.

JSpell - Add a spellchecker to your web pages or standalone Java applications using JSpell. [Commercial]

NanosoftIT-EmagicIN - A JAVA applet(Rich Text Editor) product designed to give maximum beneifit to portals who offer webmail services.

Polynomial regression analysis applet - It calculate a calibration for a MALDI TOF (and possibly other) mass spectrometers using any kind of (semi-)repetitive peptide as the calibrant.

RealObjects Edit-on Pro - A What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) editor applet/component written in Java 1.1. Provides word processor-like features, like a spelling checker.

SearchBliss - Free Webmaster Resources - Web Design Tools - Free Webmaster resources include a large selection of free web design tools and resources for the webmaster to use or download!

SimplyPets: Pet Quote Applet - Displays a new pet-related quotation on your site every time the page is loaded. Help build the largest human-edited directory on the web.

uShop - Java shopping cart system for setting up an online store, composed of applets and scripts. Interactive CD-ROM capabilities, merchant account interfaces, affiliate tracking and more. [Commercial]

Using It Studios - Applets and applet design tools.

WSA Abstract - A comprehensive index of Free Java Scripts, tutorials, and related information.

Wyka-Warzecha Say-It-Now - An applet that allows you to add speech synthesis to your website (not streaming audio). Utilizes concatentation method, formant synthesis being developed.

ACJavascripts - We Offer TONS of free javascripts. We are allways adding new and improved scripts for you to use!

Anagram Generator - Java applet which will anagram user-entered phrases.

CartoonPopUps - A cartoon bubble with text of your choice appears when your cursor is over the image link. [Free for non-commercial use]

EquitySoft - Java software by Colin Mummery - An applet to design GridBagLayouts.

FillMySpace - A Java applet which lets you build webpages and save them onto any webspace accessed by FTP. [Commercial]

FreeWare Java - An incredible resource for Java Scripts! Find over 600 applets to incorporate onto your Web Site!

HartMath - Java computer algebra applet. Some features are: EPOC32 Java version, big rational number arithmetic, symbolic differentiation, linear algebra functions, 2D plot functions, numeric computations, pattern matching, transformation rules, functional programming, pure functions. [Open Source, GPL]

Java FTP Client Applet - Fully-functional Java FTP Applet.

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