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AVI MPEG Video Converter - AVI MPEG Video Converter-Convert Video AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV, RM.

CD Ripper Software Reviews and Free Downloads - Offers free reviews and downloads for software CD Rippers, CD Burners, MP3 Encoders, MP3 Decoders, MP3 Editors, MP3 Splitters, Sound Recorders, MP3 Mixers, and more.

CrudeSounds - MP3 music, information, links, burners, ripper/encoders, and players. Content updated regularly.

A Demo Room - Demo Room for Country variety original new songs. Crossover type. Good video imagery potential.Soundclick MP3 demos

Hymnal Accompanist - A collection of hymns and favorite songs with MP# and Midi background music. Available in English, tagalog, bicol, ilocano, cebuano, Korean, Japanese, etc.

Lyric Supply - Find song lyrics in the following genres: country, folk, pop, and crossover. These are songs for the long road collection.

MAP - MP3 Audio Player - Describes how to build a standalone home stereo MP3 player. The player is DOS-based and built with standard low cost PC-components.

MP3 Players - at ReviewStop: compare ratings, prices, read reviews and write your opinions and experiences of MP3 Players

MP3 Trade - Website facilitating the trading of MP3s. Contains a list of the owner's files available for trade.

MP3 Tutorial - Contains links to MP3 software, downloads, news, and magazines. Also contains an informative help section explaining MP3 files and commonly used terms.

MP3-CDBurner.com - MP3 audio software resource for ripping, converting, mixing and burning MP3s!

MP3.com - Provider of legal MP3 music. Songs are available as lo-fi stream, hi-fi stream, and downloads. Features indie music, audio software, hardware, and news, and bands get their own pages.

MusicX Digital Audio - Audio tools, MP3 software, search engines, lyrics, and musician tools.

Webopedia: MP3 - This page describes the term 'MP3' and lists other pages on the Web where you can find additional information.

Whisper Audio - Royalty-free music & professional voice-overs for web sites, with a useful site-integration service. Monthly give-away.

Free Mp3 Files - links to mp3 software, files, and other resources.

Free MP3 Music Player Downloads - offers freeware, converters, search engines, guide for beginners, and more.

How Stuff Works: MP3 - Thorough four-part tutorial describing how MP3 files work and how to start collecting and playing MP3 files yourself, with some related links.

Manic Music -  http://www.m-music.net/ MP3 search, Top 10 lists, news from Yahoo, and software.

MP3 Music 4 Free - downloads, skins, players, and links.

MP3 Music Search Engines - uses various search engines to locate MP3s.

MP3 Newswire - Online MP3 magazine with track reviews and downloads, latest MP3 news and commentary and hardware and software listings.

MP3 Opinions - Commentary on a controversial MP3 topic or news article and changes each week or so. Users can vote on their opinion.

MP3 Reviews - Online publication that writes reviews of independent music and keeps tab on the MP3 and digital music movement.

MP3 Tools - Collection of links, tutorials and software programs to do with the making and playing of MP3 files.

MP3 Webring - at webring.org.

The MP3-CD Trading Homepage - Dedicated to the traders of MP3 music on CD-R. Has a growing directory of traders from around the world.

MP3-CD-Burner.com - lists software for burning MP3s directly to CD, links, and more.

MP3-Converter.com - lists conversion software, shareware, freeware, storage, and more.

MP3-O-Phono - A custom made MP3-player device. Site contains many implementation details as well as photos.

MP3-Review - Contains articles and reviews on portable music players, software, and MP3 music sites.

mp3.tv - handpicked mp3 artists from around the web along with interviews and wacky news.

MP3CDBurner.net - Download MP3 Software, MP3 Mixers, MP3 Converters, CD Rippers, MP3 CD Burners, MP3 Organizer Software & More!

MP3Yes - offers reviews, downloads, and general information.

Mpeg.org - Site contains lots of information and resources related specifically to the audio coding format known as MP3 (aka MPEG Audio Layer 3).

Peoplesound.com - online showcase of new and emerging music talent.

pigFACTORY.com - Music Production Company - Demo Service For Professional Producers Songwriters Publishers - Music Production Company - Demo Service For Professional Producers Songwriters Publishers Music Production Company Producers Publishers Songwriters, Record Labels, pigfactory.com

R3mix.net - Comprehensive source of information about MP3 ripping and encoding. Reports on quality issues at various bitrates and common myths about sound recordings.

Radio Free World MP3 Guide - Guide to MP3 resources, sites, and music collections on the Internet. A selection of direct download MP3 files.

Rio Digital Audio - Home of the Diamond Rio range of portable MP3 players. Site features details about the products offered, accessories, press releases, support, employment, and MP3 music for download.

RioPort.Com - digital music portal aimed at promoting legitimate Internet music and other audio content, primarily in the MP3 format.

Safis Net- Music Junction - Featuring English, Indian, and Afghan music with biographies of the artists.

SoundHub - Music, news, reviews, and information on MP3.

Star*F - Guide to digital music containing MP3 news, players, links, rippers, and skins.

Tom's MP3 Reviews - Review of MP3 tracks from a variety of sites. Links to MP3 sites, MP3 players and other music sites. (Not a Download site)

Top MP3 Music - directory of music files, skins, players, and more.

The Ultimate MP3 Source - Guide to MP3 related tools, search engines, and players.

USounds - The home of the global pop underground. MP3, news, and reviews from around the world.

Vitamanic - offers downloadable MP3s and streaming audio in hundreds of music genres, as well as software, news and resources.

Women only: Free CD to chill-out - To female users, who recently conceived a child (within the last 1-2 years): The first 500 females, who answer our Questionnaire, receive the Audio-CD by FROG with 12 chill-out tracks for free.

ZDNet Music - Digital music and MP3 news, reviews, downloads, and software.

12 Inch Traders - Site facilitating the trade of MP3s from 12 inch vinyl records.

2Cool Top MP3 Directory - guide to sites, players, recorders, search engines, newsgroups, and more.

3PM MP3 - MP3 search engine that constantly verifies links.

Absolutely Free Mp3s - provides links and reviews for files, skins, and software.

ARTISTdirect MP3 - MP3 downloads direct or from official artist stores/UBL. Also contains players, encoders and other MP3 software.

CNET Music Center - A CNET topic centre focusing on MP3 files, websites, software, and hardware. Also contains newsletters, FAQs, and many other helpful resources.

Digital Audio Systems - Comprehensive MP3 resource with legal sound files from movies, TV shows, sound system and hifi trailers, software listings, technical information about MP3s, and an upcoming FAQ and tutorial section.

Dimension Music - MP3 portal with information, news (and user comments), reviews, a search engine and legal MP3 downloads.

Duncan Ferguson - So; for the die-hard traditionalists out there; eat your heart out!! This is not what you might expect. This is where I am now. Were now into 2004, i'm still writing songs.

Fraunhofer IIS: MP3 - Features history and technical information about the MP3 format.

Free Audio-CD by TMS with 11 electronic instrumentals - We ask all users between the age of 14-25 to participate in our Online Study. The first 500 participants, who answer our Questionnaire receive the brandnew CD by TMS for free.

Free Audio-CD by TMS with 11 electronic instrumentals - We ask all users age 14 to 25 to participate in our Online Study. The first 500 participants, who answer our Online Questionnaire receive the CD by TMS with 11 electronic instrumentals for free.

Free MP3 Downloads - offers information on players, software, files, and more.


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