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Audio CD Burner - Audio CD Burner is a CD-burning software that can convert MP3 and WAV files to conventional Audio CD

Backup DVD games - URL is http://www.copygamesarena.com html code: <a target=_blank href=http://www.copygamesarena.com>Burn DVD video games software</a> Description : Backup DVD games , VHS tapes software

DRKSpider - I want to submit DRKSpider which is an open source website link validator. More information in the submitted URL.

EasyIVR Voice Mail Broadcasting & Interactive Voice Response IVR Phone Answering Service - Manage your own 800 number IVR and voice broadcasting phone campaigns online. Register for service and download phone lists and wav files from the internet - monitor results with reporting system.

JShift Technologies, LLC - Offers several free code generation utilities. Supported languages include SQL, Java, HTML, JavaScript, XML, VB .Net, C and more.

Spell Checker for Edit Boxes - A near-universal spell checker for Windows edit boxes; free for private use.

Abitom Software - Quality software for Windows. A award-winning color scheme generator and superb color picker.

EAST Technologies - Protect your information and online privacy and maintain a cleaner and more secure computer or network server.

FlexiMusic - Mp3/Audio/Music Softwares - Unique music software tools for digital musicians, to Generate, Compose, Edit and DJ. Download and try them. There is an easy to use Mp3 Audio wave editor that is inexpensive with all features needed.

Innovatools - Distributing Innovation - Innovatools is specialized in distributing innovative and high quality software products. Here, at Innovatools, we believe that software innovation is the key to helping you work faster and better.

The Open Technology Portal - An extensive web resource for Open Source Software news, products, discussion, tools and licenses. Most freely available code from OpenSource projects is cataloged.

Prime Time Freeware - Publishes mixed media collections of Open Source software.


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